Disruptive innovation festival!

Disruptive innovation festival!
27 januari, 2017 Madlén Fondén

Circular Economy Session at DIF

Join us for our session ”Circular economy within the fashion industry – a matter of time?” 24th of November 19:00-19:30 (Swedish time) as part of DIF 2016. Exclusively available at thinkdif.co

”We are starting up a company called Something Borrowed, which intends to change today’s unsustainable consumer behavior into something more sustainable. We are offering our customers to rent clothes from us either by monthly subscriptions or one-time rentals. With our business we are aiming to make customers move away from the traditional ownership of clothing and adapt to the more modern and sustainable way of sharing clothes instead.

We will talk about the negative impacts of today’s fashion industry, about how we all need to change and adapt to the current situation, and about our business which will create an alternative way to consume clothing. Finally we will also mention our core values and talk about how sustainability should also apply to the people in our company.”

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